Sonnet 134

STORY: A visual twist on Shakespeare’s Sonnet 134 through the eyes of a young conflicted mother
who must repay a debt to her childless sister. Created for the Sonnet Project where filmmakers visualize
all 154 sonnets using 154 different actors in 154 unique NYC locations.

Story & Direction by Eddie Shieh
Cinematography by Dave Giles
Original Score by Steven von Kampen
Starring Christiane Seidel, Anna Gutto, Sebastian Beacon, and Baby Benjamin.
Voice by Christiane Seidel
Executive Producer Ross Williams, New York Shakespeare Exchange


So now I have confessed that he is thine,
And I my self am mortgaged to thy will,
Myself I’ll forfeit, so that other mine
Thou wilt restore to be my comfort still:
But thou wilt not, nor he will not be free,
For thou art covetous, and he is kind;
He learned but surety-like to write for me,
Under that bond that him as fast doth bind.
The statute of thy beauty thou wilt take,
Thou usurer, that put’st forth all to use,
And sue a friend came debtor for my sake;
So him I lose through my unkind abuse.
Him have I lost; thou hast both him and me:
He pays the whole, and yet am I not free.


Queens World Film Festival (USA)
Kansas City Film Festival (USA)
NewFilmmakers NY (USA)
Aurora Picture Film Festival (USA)
Indy Film Fest (USA)
CineFuturo Film Festival (Brazil) FEATURED SONNET
La Costa Film Festival (USA)
Columbia International Film + Video Festival (USA)
St Louis International Film Festival (USA) ACADEMY® QUALIFIER
Eugene International Film Festival (USA)
Filmstock Film Festival (USA)
Bath Film Festival (UK)
LA Shorts Awards (USA) BRONZE: Best Original Score


Bronx International Film Festival (USA)
Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival (USA)
Rochester International Film Festival (USA) HONORABLE MENTION
Media Film Festival (USA)
Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival (USA)
Taos Shortz Film Festival (USA)
Columbia Gorge International Film Festival (USA)
Connecticut Film Festival (USA)
Aaretaler Kurzfilmtage Festival (Switzerland)
Williamsburg International Film Festival (USA) HONORABLE MENTION
Route 66 Film Festival (USA)

The New York Sonnet Project was created by the New York Shakespeare Exchange led by Founder and Executive Producer, Ross Williams. The project organically expanded worldwide where the videos are also utilized for Shakespearean educational and theatrical programs in Brazil, Denmark and England.

Read about the project in the here (April 04, 2013) and here (April 05, 2015).

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