Eddie Shieh 謝宗楷 (pronounced ‘She’+’yeah’, not ‘She’) is a Filmmaker at Night as writer, director and producer.

He was a nominated finalist to the 2015 NBCUniversal Television Directing Fellowship and 2014 Fox Global Directors Initiative programs. His works have won Best Direction, Actor, Actress, Ensemble Cast, Editing and Original Soundtrack with numerous nominations in multiple categories from Academy® Qualifying and international festivals.

His screenplay “La Grippe” was shortlisted at the first European Sundance Screenwriters Lab 2015 (Italy). He is an alumnus to the Professional Writer’s Boot Camp where after his first screenplay sold in 2010 and member of the Writer’s Guild of America East and WGA Digital Caucus. In a previous life Eddie served as a global advertising agency Creative Director for worldwide brands.

On occasion, Eddie hosts the Breaking Bamboo Podcast featuring Asian-American entertainers and storytellers on their journey and challenges as artists, and curates the Red Rope® Screening and Red Rope® Playhouse sponsored annual networking series presenting internationally acclaimed films and theater works by emerging artists. In 2008 New York Magazine listed Red Rope® Playhouse as a Top 40 New York Event at #20. Sponsors included Adidas Classics, Moet Hennessey, Chopin Vodka, 10 Cane Rum, Heineken, Stoli, Svedka, Amstel, as well as Ogilvy & Mather and New York Magazine.

A native New Yorker, Eddie is fluent in English, conversant in Mandarin and Portuñol (Portuguese and Spanish) while learning Danish and German.

Other useless facts: platinum blond for two years, trampled by former New York Knicks 250lbs Power-Forward Anthony Mason (RIP), won a fist-pumping volley over John McEnroe, placed Third in the New York Queens Borough Eighth Grade Science Fair, and can predict weather with his surgically repaired joints – no app yet.



1. 2015 Sundance Screenwriters Lab (Italy) Shortlist.
2. 2015 NBC Broadcasting Directors Program Nominee.
3. 2014 Fox Studios Global Directors Initiative Nominee.
4. Writers Guild of America (East) & WGA Digital Caucus Member circa 2010.
5. Visual. Aural. Verbal.


The Perfect Nothing
2016 Short Film www.TheSplitEnd.com
/ AAFL 72HR Shootout, USA: Finalist & Best Actress Award

La Grippe
2015 Shortlist, Sundance Screenwriting Lab (Italy)
Original Screenplay

Split End
2014 Short Film, www.TheSplitEnd.com
*Distributed by Fliqio.com
/ AAFL 72 Hour Shootout, USA, 2014: Top Ten Finalist
/ Worldfest Houston International Film Festival, USA, 2015: Gold Remi Award
/ USA Film Festival, USA, 2015 (Academy® Qualifier)
/ Rochester International Film Festival, USA, 2015: Drama, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design Merit Awards

Mr Chavan
2013 Short Film, www.MrChavan.com
*Distributed by Fliqio.com
/ AAFL 72 Hour Shootout, USA, 2013: Finalist
/ Athens International Film + Video Festival, USA, 2014 (Academy® Qualifier): Finalist
/ Columbus International Film + Video Festival, USA, 2014: Honorable Mention

Sonnet 134
2013 Short Film, www.Sonnet134.com
/ CineFuturo Film Festival, Brazil, 2015: Featured Selection
/ Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Short Film Festival, UK, 2015: Special Commendation
/ St Louis International Film Festival, USA, 2015 (Academy® Qualifier)
/ LA Shorts Award, USA, 2015: Bronze Awards for Original Score

Red Rope® Screening
2007 – 2012, Annual Premiere Networking Series
Sponsors include Adidas Classics, Heineken, Moet Hennessey: Chopin Vodka, 10 Cane Run, Hennessey X; Stoli Vodka, Ogivly & Mather, New York Magazine
See Photos

Loss Prevention
2012 Web Series (WGAE# I213354)
Client: 6th Avenue Electronics, USA

Me, Dad & Me
2010 Original Screenplay (WGA# 268401)

Tu & Eu
2011 Short Film, www.Tu-Eu.com
10x international Finalist including 2 Academy® Qualifying Festivals, Best Direction, Best Ensemble Cast, multiple nominations for Best Actor, Actress, and Music.
/ USA Film Festival, USA, 2011 (Academy® Qualifier): Finalist
/ Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, Japan, 2011 (Academy® Qualifier): Finalist, Best Actress Nomination
/ NociCortinFestival, Italy, 2011: Finalist
/ NBCUniversal Short Cuts, USA, 2011: Semi-Finalist, Best Actor Nomination
/ NY Asian American International, USA, 2011: Finalist
/ OneCloudFest, Internet, 2011: Finalist
/ Sountrack Cologne, Germany, 2011: Peer Raben Best Music Nomination
/ FiLums International Film Festival, Pakistan, 2012: Finalist
/ Asians On Film, USA, 2012: Best Direction, Best Ensemble Cast, Best of 2012 Finalist
/ HollyShorts, USA, 2012: Finalist
/ Best Actors, USA, 2012: Best Ensemble Cast Nomination
/ OneCloudFest, Online, 2012: Best of 2012 Finalist
/ Williamsburg International Film Festival, USA, 2014: Best Original Score Award
/ Route 66 Film Festival, USA, 2015: Best Ensemble Cast Award
/ LA Shorts Awards, USA, 2015: Best Original Score Award
/ Global Music Awards, USA, 2015: Bronze Award for Best Original Music

Distributed by SnagFilms (USA/Canada) & Pacific Voice (Japan).

Anjo Meu
2011 TV Series / Episode 2, Plural Entertainment Portugal SA
/ Tropheus TV 7 Dias, Portugal, 2012: Best Telenovela Nomination


Blind Confession
Letting Go
The One Thing
2008 Short Film Series
/ Blind Confession: : Filmstock Film Festival, UK, 2009: Best Actress Nomination
/ Letting Go: AAFL 72 Hour Shootout, USA, 2009: Best Actor Award

Distributed by Propeller TV/UK

Between The Lines
2007 Short Film
/ AAFL 72 Hour Shootout USA, 2007: Shortlist

No Menus Please
2006 Short Film, www.NoMenusPlease.com
/ PBS Reel 13 Shorts Film Festival, USA, 2007: Winner
/ Golden Gate International Film & Video Festival, USA, 2007: Grand Jury Award for Best Direction

Distributed by SnagFilms (USA/Canada).


That Kid by Jane Willis
2016 41st Samuel French OOB Short Play Festival (oobfestival.com)
Samuel French OOB Short Play Finalist, USA, Performed at the Classic Stage Theatre, NY
>> Juanita Howard, Tyasia Velines

Patriarch by Juka Jokela, Translated by Eva Buchwald
2016 Scandinavian American Theatre Company Reading Series, www.SATCnyc.org
/ Featuring Barbara Rosenblat, Anthony Laciura, Wrenn Schmidt, Jon Collins Barclay, James Chen, Erinn Ruth, Sebastian Beacon, Cliff Samara, Lydia Gladstone, Ellinor Denkert

Marriage Made in Hell by JJ Huang
2013 Asian American Film Lab (AAFL) Writer’s Workshop
/ Featuring Wai Ching Ho, Kevin Kreider, Jennifer Betit-Yen

Speck’s Last by Michael Dowling
2009 State of Play Productions

Ex-Lovers by Isreal Horovitz & New York Playwrights Lab
2008 Red Rope® Playhouse Sponsored by Chopin Vodka and 10 Cane Rum
/ Featuring Jessica Hecht, Ato Essandoh, Marin Ireland, Scott Cohen, Zoe Kazan, Ned Eisenberg, Jason Schuchman
/ Voted New York Magazine Top 20 Event, 2008
See Photos

Waiting For Godot
2001, Directed by Matilde Corral-Paez
Creative Consultant/Lighting Director


Writers Guild of America East (WGAE) & WGA Ditigal Caucus
2010 – Current, Member (Screenwriter)

The Barrow Group
2015, 2014, 2013 Directors Lab I & II, Seth Barrish
/ 10 Minute Plays: People Don’t Change (They Just Change Their Hair) by Bekah Brunstetter, Public Relations by Andrew Biss.
/ Scenes: Isabel by Ele Melaver, Red Light Winter by Adam Rapp, Dinner With Friends by Donald Marguiles

Writers Boot Camp
2006 – 2010, New York Project Group
MA: Screenwriting


Red Rope® Productions
2007 – Current, www.RedRope.com
Brand content development and production for film, tv, theater, and new media. All completed films distributed to network, cable, and online. Founder/Curator of the Red Rope® Screening and Red Rope® Playhouse annual sponsored network series.

Queens World Film Festival
2007, 2008, 2017 Advisory Board

Quickflicks/Group 101
2004 Member

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